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When to Call for Orlando Sprinkler Repair

Your yard is a gem. It’s something you meticulously cultivate and detail with pride. It’s the center of curb appeal for your home. A yard is the first place visitors look and the first impression prospective get. It can increase the value of your home or it can cause some serious cringe worthy reactions if it’s not well taken care of. The easiest and quickest way to ensure a green and lush lawn is a sprinkler system that works. No brown grass or bad patches when you’ve got a trusted and reliable sprinkler system to provide hydration, even in Orlando’s weather.

Orlando Sprinkler Repair

But, what do you do when your sprinkler system stops functioning properly? Many of them are complex systems, rooted in the ground and require a lot more than the DIY look of you and a friend. You don’t want to tackle fixing a sprinkler system on your own and risk damaging the system or damaging your yard. So, where do you turn to… Orlando Sprinkler Repair is your local sprinkler repair company.

Common Sprinkler Problems

There are some common issues that may pop up during your irrigation systems lifetime requiring sprinkler repair in Orlando. They don’t always require help from a professional on their own but they can be indicative of larger problems that will require a professional’s eye:

  • Individual sprinkler heads are not working while the system is on
  • Low pressure in one or more sprinkler heads
  • Leak at zone valve
  • Leaks at the sprinkler heads farthest from the zone valve
  • Sprinkler zone not turning on

These are issues that require some diagnosing from someone with an eye for what causes sprinkler systems to go on the fritz. There are some common reasons behind these issues. Damage to sprinkler head casings or completely broken sprinkler heads would certainly cause an individual sprinkler head to be faulty while the rest work. Low water pressure could be caused by malfunctioning backflow or a more serious leak somewhere in the system. Any leaking in regards to the zone valve could be from damage to the inner diaphragm, cracked valve bodies, an improperly installed valve, and a host of other issues.

Does it all sound complicated? That’s because it is.

Orlando Sprinkler Repair

How We Can Help

When looking for a sprinkler repair company, there are several factors to consider. The demands of taking care of your own lawn can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of time and patience. If this isn’t your forte, let us help you.

Here at Orlando Sprinkler Repair, we’re committed to working around your schedule and your needs to ensure your sprinkler system is made good as new, as quickly as possible. We intend to offer you the best possible service to keep you as a customer. So, don’t try and tackle sprinkler malfunctions by yourself. Let a pro with the years of experience handle your Orlando sprinkler repair needs. Contact us today for an estimate.

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