Screened In Porch

Screened in Porch
Screened in Porch

Sitting outside on your porch trying to enjoy the breeze can be frustrating if your surrounded by pests.  Just imagine outside reading your morning paper or reading a book when you feel a sudden pain down on your arm.  That’s a common experience for those that have a porch without being screened in. It would also be pretty gross to enjoy a meal outside on your patio along with the flies that land on your chicken.  That’s not an enjoyable way to eat a meal. When you add a screen to your porch, you are getting protection from insects and bugs along with many other benefits. There are lots of benefits of a Screened In Porch depending on how you enjoy your new space.  

Pest Free Environment

Who wants to get bitten by mosquitoes or enjoy the West Nile virus they carry? Yea I didn’t think so.  There’s lots of other insects and bugs that you may not want around either from flies, spiders, or any other pest or animal you don’t want intruding in your relaxation station or family time.  Outdoors doesn’t have to be stressful running from mosquitoes. You don’t have to be harrassed anymore so long as you have a barrier to prevent them from coming into your area.

Safe Space

A screened in porch is a safe area for children to play in.  They are still exposed to the outdoors but protected from the sun, rain, and pests.  You don’t have to slather your child in sunscreen anymore. You don’t need to worry about serious sunburns.  Your kids are safe in this enclosed space while still enjoying mother nature.

Increased Value

It’s no doubt that adding a renovation like a screened in porch will increase the value of your property.  When you have a homebuyer viewing your property, this adds curb appeal and an extra space their family can enjoy without the consequences of outdoor elements.  

Family Time

This room can be a great space to enjoy bonding time with family.  You can have quality time, play games, enjoy meals, and enjoy plenty of time together in this special area.


A porch with a screen is an excellent place for that special get together, family barbecue, poker game, or neighbor get together.  You can have amazing outdoor events with this type of porch without those critters. You don’t have to cover everyone in chemicals to prevent bug bites.  That residual sticky sensation after the spray is reason enough to remain indoors. That problem is solved completely with a screen room.


Who says you alway have to have a party or the kiddos playing in this room, it can be a bird watching sanctuary or a place where you meditate.  You can achieve such inner peace with a screened in porch. You can perform yoga poses while being outside and become one with mother nature without the rain, sun exposure, and bugs.  Reading a book while kicking your legs up sounds absolutely amazing to me!

If you are in the market for a screened in porch, you will see there are only reasons to get a screen added onto your porch.  It provides the ability to relax, entertain, live bug free, increase the value of your home, and years of memories made with your family and friends in that gorgeous screened in porch.  

Why you need a Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System

You ever wonder how that neighbor with the green lush yard always looks amazing.  It appears he has a secret hidden on how his yard is always so green, while you struggle summer after summer to keep your lawn alive.  It can drive other neighbors crazy, but when you realize their secret is an automatic sprinkler system it will make you laugh. That’s it!  All your property needs is a sprinkler system. It covers your property and waters it a couple times a week. You can win the “Best Yard” award in your neighborhood.  You don’t have to be jealous or kill yourself trying to come second.

Benefits of a Sprinkler System

If you are homeowner, you may have considered a sprinkler system once before.  However until you see the real value of having one, you aren’t going to get one.  Hands down one of the best benefits about owning an automatic sprinkler system is that it saves you time.  Not only time, but have you ever watered your lawn and missed paths of your yard and not realize it till a grass patch starts dying.  With these systems it will ensure your whole yard is thoroughly watered and no areas missed. One myth I would like to point out is incorrect is that sprinkler systems use more water over the long run.  This is completely false.

Water conservation is a benefit you get when you own a water sprinkler.  It saves you lots of money over the course of a year. When it comes to owning a Sprinkler System, you can be sure it will save you hundreds of dollars.  That money could be used on vacation or savings. If you have ever hand watered your lawn, you most likely have become a victim to over-watering your lawn.  This doesn’t occur when you have an automatic sprinkler system. The reason for this is because of the built-in sensors. It will register the amount of water present in the soil, and when it has been appropriately watered the system will shut off.

However if you used to water your lawn by hand or water hose, you could also under water your lawn causing dying grass and plants.  Again, this is avoidable with a sprinkler system. The sensors in a sprinkler system will register the lack of water in the soil, and the sprinkler system continues till the correct amount of saturation occurs.  I’d say this is the lazy man’s way to do it, and do it perfectly every watering. I hate wasting water using the hose or hand watering. I realize now that it not only drives up the water bill,  but it can kill your lawn, increase weeds, and increase the amount of mosquitoes too.

Another problem when I used to water my yard with a hose, I would forget to turn it off.  My yard would be watered for 2-3 hours. That is not a good thing at all and can be prevented with a sprinkler system installation.  

Sprinkler System